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Help a Child Attend Camp

Day camps are a fun, educational, and rewarding part of childhood. But for some families, covering the cost of camp is out of reach. At Bucks Ranch, we provide camp experiences for disadvantaged children because no child deserves to miss out. But we need your help.

Love Works

Love Works supports single  parent households, orphans, and senior citizens by creating a stable and successful family environment. Their mission is to lend a helping hand, not a handout, and their current camp initiative gives children in need the opportunity to attend a life-changing camp at Bucks Ranch. In addition to financial aid, you can also show your support via volunteering or donating items.

Love Works is a legal corporation under a 501C3 status and we are continuing to build a viable ministry.

Financial Aid

If you’re looking for financial assistance to help your child attend camp, please complete our fast and simple form.

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